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The Simple Fan Fix

AC fan motor broken? Has your Air Conditioner stopped blowing ice cold air? Might be time to upgrade the fan power! Go out and grab at least 3 box fans, some extension cords and the duct tape. Strap those fans tightly to the top and sides of the AC unit, plug them in and crank […]

Otter Pops to the Rescue

Cool down the house quickly with Otter Pops! How is this done you might ask? Well, just tape as many frozen otter pops as possible to the front of a fan and crank the power to high! Feel the breeze in seconds!


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The Fridge Sofa!

After a long day nothing is better than relaxing in the fridge sofa! What is a fridge sofa you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. Open up the fridge, slide in and have a seat! Grab some reading material and a cold beverage and relax. It may be slightly cramped, but the cold air is amazing! […]

The Filter Fan!

Has your Air Conditioner stopped blowing the way it used to? Must be time to get a new fan! Remove the old worthless filter and replace with a large box fan. Grab some cardboard and tape and secure the fan in place. Turn it up to full blast and you should be able to feel […]

Save big on all repairs with Reddi Services!

Having Air Conditioning problems this summer? Does your unit need a yearly tune-up or service? Reddi Services has been serving the Phoenix area for over 55 years and will beat any competitor’s price! You cannot afford to miss out this deal!


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Installing an AC in 3 easy steps!

Summer is here and it is time to upgrade to a new AC unit. In just a few easy steps you can install the unit yourself! First step is getting a new AC unit. Next smash a hole big enough to shove the unit into your wall. Last, hook up whatever wires there are and […]

Transform your Air Conditioner!

Is your house not as cool as you would like? No problem! Although it has not been proven, transforming your space cooling unit into R2D2 could have incredible results! Plus nothing is cooler than this. Bust out the decals and turn that ordinary unit into something amazing now! This is the AC you are looking […]

Who hires professionals anymore?

Having trouble keeping cool this summer? No need to call in the pros, just call a couple friends you trust and your tool bag. Have your buddies hold on tightly to your belt as they dangle you out the window. From here you should be able to easily repair the AC unit.


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Reddi offers Free Consultations!

Nothing is worse than having problems with your Air Conditioner during a Phoenix summer! Reddi Services is here to help by offering Free Consultations on all AC replacements! Get all of your questions answered by an AC Expert today!

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Is your AC ready for a tune-up?

Not a problem! Grab a few tools and slide out the window onto the AC unit. Make sure you are holding on tight and start wrenching! If you are afraid of heights I would recommend calling the professionals at Reddi Services!


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Having Air Conditioning Problems?

No need to call the professionals when your Air Conditioner goes out this summer, just take the top off and dive in! I mean honestly, how hard could it really be to diagnose and repair an Air Conditioner?


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The Dry Ice Fan

No AC? No problem when you have a dry ice fan! In less than 5 minutes you can easily construct an amazing dry ice fan. Just get a fan, 5 pounds of dry ice, and a few boxes. Stack the boxes up and cut big holes in both sides of the top box. Fill it […]

Summers in Phoenix can be rough!

When your AC stops blowing cold air, don’t panic! Just open up your refrigerator door, remove any shelves that are in the way and replace with a full size fan! Grab the extension cord, plug it in and you are ready to go!


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The Ice Fan

Need to cool down fast? Grab your favorite household fan, a bucket and some ice! Fill that bucket up with as much ice and possible and crank that fan to high speed!


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The AC Fan

With just a few household items and some string you can have an AC Fan! Just freeze a few water bottles, grab a frozen ice pack or 2 and strap it all to the back of a fan!! Within seconds you will feel relief from the heat!


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