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DIY home-made air cooler that actually works for $45.

This powerful but cheap ($45) air cooler is made from:

1 x Heater core (from any auto wrecker/car parts shop)
1 x High power computer fan (from eBay)
1 x Bilge pump (from eBay or any boat shop)

The cooler actually works well and is powerful enough to work in a hot car in the sun but you’ll need […]

Homemade Ice Chest Air Conditioner

Just a cheap ice chest air conditioner that I tossed together with some parts that I had laying around. Small ice chest, rigid foam insulation, a couple of frozen 2 liter bottles of water, an old 12 volt boat blower motor, a car battery & a pringles can! It works OK at best & is […]

The Freezer Fan!

There are many great ways to cool the house down this summer and the Freezer Fan has made the list! All you need is a freezer, box fan and a bungee cord! Open up the freezer door and turn the temperature as low as possible. Then bungee the fan to the front of the freezer […]

Prototype Air Conditioned Suit For The Special Operation Forces

Homemade Air Conditioner DIY – The “5 Gallon Bucket” Air Cooler!

How to make a non-compressor based “5 gallon bucket” air conditioner. simple DIY. items needed: bucket, styrofoam liner, pvc pipe, small fan, and ice. (small solar panel is optional). one frozen gallon jug of water lasted 6 hours. temperature in house was 84F. cooled air was in the mid. 40F range

How To Cool Your House For 42 Cents A Day – Without A/C !!

How to build a homemade air conditioner / evaporative cooler. I made this cooling system to save money on my summer electric bill. I used some wood scraps, a pond pump, some evaporative cooler pad, and a box fan to make a working swamp cooler air conditioning unit. It can achieve indoor temperatures that are […]

Cheap Homemade Whole House Fan – How To Cool Without A/C !!

How to make an inexpensive whole house attic fan using an old box fan and a piece of plywood. Reduce the electricity costs by giving the air conditioner a break. Quick and easy.

Cold Suit Alpha 1

I got a better, more lightweight, air conditioned suit concept, better than NASA with a fish tank pump and some 4mm rubber tubing. I have seen compressed gas tanks, water pumps and all that other stuff, but this one just needs batteries and some air inside a sealed unit. The simpler the better copyright 2015 […]