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How To Cool Your House For 42 Cents A Day – Without A/C !!

How to build a homemade air conditioner / evaporative cooler. I made this cooling system to save money on my summer electric bill. I used some wood scraps, a pond pump, some evaporative cooler pad, and a box fan to make a working swamp cooler air conditioning unit. It can achieve indoor temperatures that are […]

Cheap Homemade Whole House Fan – How To Cool Without A/C !!

How to make an inexpensive whole house attic fan using an old box fan and a piece of plywood. Reduce the electricity costs by giving the air conditioner a break. Quick and easy.

Yardwork in Phoenix in June is Now a Piece of Cake!

With The AC Suit, any outdoor task can be accomplished without breaking a sweat! The AC Suit ~ try one today!


It’s Getting Hot

And we’re here to try and help keep you cool with some DIY ideas for getting through the summer!


The Atomic Air Conditioned Suit!

The original AC suit from the 50’s is functional and fashionable. The summers in Phoenix can get hot, but with an AC suit you won’t even notice! Stay cool no matter where you go. Have to run errands or take the dog for a walk? Throw on the AC Suit and you are ready to […]

Cold Suit Alpha 1

I got a better, more lightweight, air conditioned suit concept, better than NASA with a fish tank pump and some 4mm rubber tubing. I have seen compressed gas tanks, water pumps and all that other stuff, but this one just needs batteries and some air inside a sealed unit. The simpler the better copyright 2015 […]